Our Training Philosophy

We, at Texas Tactical Training Group, believe in a real life approach to training.  It is not enough to learn how to shoot holes in paper. We believe that “perfect” practice makes perfect. So, we must train for real life.  We are dedicated to providing a quality, safe, and professional training environment to every student.  We can help any level of shooter from beginner to experienced.


Firearms Training

When it comes to owning and/or carrying a gun, it is a personal decision that must be taken seriously.  We believe that the gun is the tool and that you are the weapon.  As with any tool, you must be confident, safe and proficient with your firearm.  Our experienced staff and trainers have an approach to training that empowers each student to excel in their use of whatever tool they choose to use.  As safety is paramount in any training, we do require that each student complete the Basic Combat Pistol course prior to signing up for any other trainings.  (The TX LTC class is not included in the prerequisite classes.)  We teach confidence and safety in the Basic course and need to establish the relationship before progressing.

Unarmed Training

There are some that do not carry a firearm.  There may be times that you get caught without a firearm.  You may have to travel to a place where “weapons” are prohibited.  We do offer training in self-defense or weaponless strategies.  These courses are generally taught at a large venue like a church or gym to a specific organization.  You can offer up this class as a fundraiser for your group or as a team-building course as well.  The techniques taught can be customized and can include pepper training, but are designed as a way to escape an attack.

Private Instruction

We offer private instruction with a personal trainer.  These sessions are charged by the hour and are a way to quickly excel personally as a shooter.  There is not a class pre-requisite to taking private instruction with a Texas Tactical trainer.  Sessions are one student to one instructor.

Purchase Assistance

Texas Tactical is an FFL location and we do help locate and purchase firearms.  The decision to buy a gun is not always as easy as you may think.  There are many factors that you must consider.  If you look at our FAQ’s, you will see some of the considerations.  We recommend that you test fire the make and model that you plan to purchase before putting money into it.  We are happy to discuss with you and help you make your decision whether or not you decide to purchase from us or not.


Texas Tactical Training Group sponsors and supports shooting competitions.  This is not only a fun way to show off your skills and make new friends, but also an opportunity to learn from others and find areas where you may need more work.  Shooting is a perishable skill and is constantly evolving.  Participation in competitions will mold you into a top notch gun fighter.

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