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Sheepdog Academy is a state certified Private Security’s Bureau academy for licensed and commissioned security officers.  We train and certify you through the Texas Department of Safety’s PSB to work in the security field.  The time listed on this course is only the orientation (day 1).  The entire academy takes 4 weekends to complete.  Check with the staff prior to signing up as you cannot miss any training and still receive your certificates and the training is taken in order.  As we train church security, our non range days will be held at a “host” church that will be decided when the roster is complete.  A typical academy is laid out as this:

Day 1  Orientation.

Day 2  Basic Combat Pistol/Private Security State curriculum.

Day 3  Private Security State curriculum.

Day 4  Private Security State curriculum.

Day 5  Intermediate Pistol-night shoot.

Day 6  Defensive Tactics.

Day 7  Private Security State curriculum.

Day 8  Advanced outdoor shoot.

Day 9  Advanced indoor tactics.  CQB

Day 10  Tactical Medical.

Day 11.  Simunitions Training.  Reality based scenario training.

Day 12  Graduation.

We ask that you do not buy any gear until you have met with staff to make sure you are buying proper gear.  We do have restrictions on certain items.  You will need approx 750 rounds of pistol ammo to complete the course.

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