Basic Combat Pistol

Basic Combat Pistol Class Info

Gun Safety, Law and Basic Shooting

The Basic Combat Pistol course is a beginner course for a new shooter or a refresher of basics. We will go over your guns parts, loading, proper shooting, safety, cleaning and storage. Also, we will go over some basic law and psychological effects of shooting. The class will go at whatever pace the students are comfortable with. Emphasis will be on making students comfortable handling the weapon, safety and teaching the students how to manipulate the gun as well as shooting stance, grip, sighting and trigger control.

It is essential for a new shooter to develop good shooting habits from the first day.  A variety of exercises will be utilized to make sure only good habits are created from day one.

There is range time with this course. 100 rounds of ammo should be brought along with the gun. (ball ammo) This class will be offered to as few as 8 students and as many as 20 depending on availability of instructors. The class will take approximately 5 hours depending on the pace of the students.

The cost of the course is $75

which includes your range fee. A non-refundable deposit of $25 will hold your seat and is applied to the cost.

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