Ladies only introduction to pistol

Ladies only introduction to pistol information

The January 2nd class is open.

Ladies.  This class will increase your knowledge of handguns and how they function.
Introduction to pistol will give you a solid foundation for your continued handgun self-defense training.
This class is for all skill levels including those new to guns, or as a refresher for those with some experience.
Learn proper gun safety.
Learn proven handgun shooting techniques that work best for self-defense; including stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger control.
All in a ladies-only; Safe, Comfortable, No Pressure, atmosphere.

“This was the first time, that when I left the range after I was done, I was not stressed out, I felt like I actually had fun, and really learned things I can work on to improve. I will be coming back for more training.”

“I wanted to be more comfortable shooting my gun, I am coming back for more training so I can out shoot my husband, and I have told several of my co-workers they should come with me.”

There is classroom time and range time with this course.
50 rounds of ammo should be brought along with the handgun of your choice. (ball ammo recommended)
This class will be offered to as few as 2 students and as many as 20 depending on the availability of instructors.
Length of class is expected to be approximately 3 hours depending on the pace of the students.

Class fee is waived in lieu of a donation of diapers or baby formula that we will donate to Freedom House in Weatherford.

Closed toed shoes, crew neck shirts, hearing protection, and eye protection required.
Loaners for hearing protection and eye protection are available.

Class Registration

Since this class has no charge please email to get enrolled. It is on January 2nd at 1PM.

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