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Non-Weapon Class (Escaping an Attack)

The class on January 21st is to be taught at Cornerstone Community Church located at 2233 E Hwy 199 in Springtown.

Self Defense classes are set up for persons not carrying a weapon. We will start with techniques to prevent you from being a criminal’s target. We will show you how to defend yourself against a personal attack and get away from an attacker. There is lots of hands on training so wear comfortable gym attire.

Students are not required to perform any of the exercises but are encouraged to try. (Some topics discussed may be troubling to young children. Contact us if you are debating bringing young kids.) Class size is 8-40 people, but we may accommodate larger classes. The class runs about 4 hours.

The cost is $75 per person regularly, but has been reduced to $50 by the sponsoring church.

Discounts apply to larger groups. A $25 deposit per person is required and is applied to the cost. Check with us for church discounts or fund raising opportunities.

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