Intermediate Pistol (Home Defense)

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Protecting your home and family

Once you are comfortable with your gun it is time to learn more advanced tactics. This class is geared towards skills to defend the home. It starts with a few safety guidelines and then moves into searching. You will learn the proper way to check your residence in case of an intruder in your home including how to shoot while utilizing a flashlight, night sights and reflex shooting. You will learn how to shoot from different positions to avoid a situation where you have to fight for your gun. We will then go over shooting while considering your backgrounds. This is important for anyone who has an intruder, but also has other family members or loved ones in their home. We will explain weapon retention in case you do encounter someone and end up fighting for your gun. You will speak to instructors who have knowledge of what to expect if you do ever have to use deadly force.

The range time for this class will be a refresher in static shooting and then move into shooting from other positions. You will need a pistol and 150 rounds. We will conduct reloads if you have a 2nd magazine.

This class will be offered to as few as 8 students and as many as 20 depending on availability of instructors. The class will take approximately 4 hours depending on the speed of the students.

The cost of the course is $75

which includes your range fee. A deposit of $25 will hold your seat.

*** Note that you must complete the basic combat pistol prior to enrolling for this class ***

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