Simunitions / Reality Based Training (RBT)

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Reality Based Training/Stress Inoculation Training

Simunitions/Reality Based Raining (RBT) is the advanced course to address higher stress situations. In any deadly force situation, adrenaline causes physical and psychological changes which greatly influence vision, hearing, breathing, heart rate and other senses. This class will raise your stress level and your awareness of how you function under stress. It will explain how to get a family member out of harm in case of an intruder. We will instruct on shooting from different positions. We will define the difference in proper cover vs. concealment. We will set up a shoot/no shoot scenario in which you must decide very quickly whether or not to pull the trigger.

This class will help you make split second decisions and improve your muscle memory when the time comes in real life. There is an optional stress scenario where role players will engage you in gun fire (using sim guns or interactive computer simulations). The purpose of this course is to see how students respond to stress so please inform instructors of any health concerns.

The class size and length will vary. A deposit of $300 per group will hold your date.


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