Closeup Handgun Engagement

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This Course is designed with the LTC holder in mind. The objective is to have a better understanding of how to address a deadly threat that is already close to you and you don’t have time to find cover or escape. We often practice shooting at a target on a square range with our gun already out in our hand or siting on a table. It is very rare to actually practice drawing and addressing at close range while making sure we maintain control of our handgun or even having to block an attack while using deadly force with one hand. We will teach you how to do this using a crawl, walk, run style of teaching. This will give you a breakdown of the steps all while building the much needed confidence to use these types of techniques.


Items Needed:


Concealment Holster

At least 2 mags w/mag holder/s

At least 100 rounds of Ammo

Ball cap

Eye and Ear protection

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