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This course is designed for the new Carbine Rifle owner and shooter. In this course we will go over the basic function and care of the rifle. We will also go over safety, storage, loading and unloading, as well as shooting positions, understanding BSR (Bore sight relationship), how to zero the rifle, and both speed vs accuracy shooting.

This course is very in-depth with a lot of information, be prepared to take notes so you can recall the info later when you practice on your own. You will need an AR style Carbine rifle (Iron sights or non-magnified optic preferred… Magnified Optic is ok but student must demonstrate knowledge on specific adjustments) , at least 2 magazines, and at least 120 rounds of ammunition, we recommend a shooting mat or pad to lay on when zeroing or going over shooting positions. Bring water and snacks, you will only have an hour for lunch so we recommend that you bring your own.

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